Locals terrified as python spotted slithering around town for a whole month

Locals terrified as python spotted slithering around town for a whole month

A python found slithering around town has left locals terrified.

The snake is believed to have been dumped by a callous owner, but it has prompted fear among members of the community.

The patterned tan and brown royal python is believed to have been a pet that was left to fend for itself in cold conditions outside for a month.

It was covered in scratches and wounds from being out on rough roads in treacherous weather.

The snake species is usually found in the rainforests of west Africa, feasting on mice and insects like crickets.

They have been known to bite, and could grow up to two metres (6ft 5ins) long.

Members of the public had noticed the snake on multiple occasions – including under a car last Tuesday (Oct 6).

However, people gathered around the motor were too scared to pick it up.

A member of the public spotted the serpent on Monday (Oct 10) on the same road in Garston, Hertfordshire.

They then called a local pet shop who collected it and took it to the vet for a check-up.

A spokesperson at C&T Exotics said: “We received a call from a gentleman who had found him, so off we went to rescue him.

“He has a few cuts and grazes but nothing major, thankfully.

“So far, he’s been a lovely, calm snake.

“If anyone is missing him, please get in touch.

“If we don’t have anyone come forward for him, we will then look to find him a home once he’s been given the all clear by our vet.”

Experts at the pet shop assured that the snake wouldn’t have harmed anyone, because it’s a famously shy species.

Royal pythons can go for months without feeding.

Reptile-loving members of the public were thrilled that the relaxed serpent had been rescued.

One said: “We have a lovely bearded lizard and the thought of him being out in the cold is devastating.

“Hope he enjoys some warmth and a good meal.

“Although he probably had his fill of mice and rats.”

Elsewhere The Mirror reported a “deadly” sea snake has washed onto a beach, with a reptile expert warning the public to never touch them.

Drew Godfrey, of Hervey Bay Snake Catchers, told how “alarm bells” started ringing when he heard that an adult sea snake had reached the shore in Queensland, Australia.

He had received a call that an injured, adult olive-headed sea snake had been found in the latest sighting this year, it is reported.

It is not unusual to discover sea snakes washed up on the beaches of Queensland but what made it different was that it was an adult.

Rough weather at sea is often the reason why the younger snakes are thrown towards the coast.