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From the 16 th to the 21th of April, LEA- CO International will be attending to the international Intermat exhibition Hall 4 aisle H booth 018

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Your are a Laying Company

Asphalt produced following the LEA® process is paved out like traditional asphalt (hot mix asphalt) and with the same equipment.

minimal LAYING temperature:

The minimal temperature depends on the bitumen used in the mix design and on the additive used. For pure bitumen with a penetration higher than 35 1/10mm, the minimal temperature is usually between 60 to 70°Celsius. For bitumen with lower rates or polymer-modified Bitumen, a specific study will determine the appropriate temperature. 


Compaction equipment is similar to hot mix asphalt (HMA), the mix design being the same only the viscosity is increased because of the low temperature. Nevertheless, some adjustements on the equipment may ease the laying depending on the mix design (frequency...).

The required compaction energy may be slightly higher than for traditional hot asphalt. This leads to few extra runs of compactors.




Required temperatures for production and asphalt laying are nearly divided by 2. Burning hazard and heat sensation –particularly during the summer works all disappear.

The close disappearance of fumes and odors also reduces disturbances on the construction site for workers as well as for local residents.



Equipments, transport vehicles (dumpster / tipper truck) and road work vehicles (feeder, finisher, spade, rake...) stay clean due to a small film of moisture due to the condensation of the residual moisture.

This also reduces the need to use solvents.

The LEA® asphalt does not stick to the truck