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ZI de la Butte
17 rue Gutenberg
91 620 NOZAY

Tel. : 01 69 63 28 40
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A licence sale is accompanied by technology transfer included in the price of the licence. 

We make our engineers available to you, enabling you to produce LEA without any problems in accordance with the “Technology Transfer Terms” described below.

If you should wish any additional support, the mission costs of our engineers are invoiced extra


With the licence, we provide for the transfer of technology in several phases.

Phase 1 - Preparation

  1. Identification of installation on which the licensee intends to use the LEA®process
  2. Visit by LEA-CO or its distributor to the installation on which LEA® asphalt is to be manufactured
  3. Modifications to be made
  4. Characterisation of first mix design formula to be tested according to the LEA® process

Following this first phase the licencee will be ready to ask LEA-CO to proceed with the acceptance testing of the installation

 Phase 2 - Installation acceptance test

  1. Choice of first manufacture and laydown section making it possible to evaluate the conformity of the installation.
  2. Choice of suitable additive
  3. Manufacture and laydown on test section

 Phase 3 – Industrial and commercial application

  1. First industrial and commercial application allowing the validation of installation conformity and the capacity of the licencee to manufacture LEA® mixes
  2. Licence granting report 

After this first phase you obtain the LEA® label