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From the 16 th to the 21th of April, LEA- CO International will be attending to the international Intermat exhibition Hall 4 aisle H booth 018

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ZI de la Butte
17 rue Gutenberg
91 620 NOZAY

Tel. : 01 69 63 28 40
Fax : 01 69 63 90 52


Compared technologies

Compare all asphalt mix techniques: conventional mixes, warm mixes, half-warm mixes, LEA® half-warm mixes.

 The following page will enable you to enter the data relative to your mixes, and results appear on the second page.

The “Mix Temperature” table indicates the mix production temperatures generally permitted, but you cab change all parameters

In the “Proportions” table you enter the proportions of your mix formula. Note that your total must be 100!)

In the “LEA® half-warm mix” table you enter all the desired values.

Click on “Results”

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